in Frieze | 17 MAY 19

Art and Technology at Frieze New York 2019

‘If we can touch one more person through what artists are doing with that medium, that’s incredibly important’ 

in Frieze | 17 MAY 19
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Through the support of LIFEWTR, Frieze’s Official Water and Emerging Program Partner, emerging and established artists working in the medium of technology were highlighted to new and expanded audiences during Frieze New York 2019.  Realized in partnership with LIFEWTR, ‘Electric’ was Frieze’s first ever Virtual Reality (VR) exhibition, featuring emerging artists like Rachel Rossin alongside established ones, such as Anish Kapoor. By providing headsets, which pair with phones allowing users to view the exhibited VR works through the Acute Art app, LIFEWTR enabled ‘Electric’ to be enjoyed by audiences beyond the fair, across the city. Meanwhile, the LIFEWTR lounge at the fair provided an immersive space framed by four walls of LED screens, showing new works by artists Andrew Benson, Zach Lieberman, and Sara Ludy, featured in LIFEWTR Series 7, ‘Art through Technology’. The LIFEWTR Talk, ‘Art through Technology’, brought emerging artists Sara Ludy and Rachel Rossin into conversation with Daniel Birnbaum, curator of ‘Electric’, to discuss the medium’s possibilities.