in Frieze | 19 APR 18

Preview: ‘Let’s Face It: The Current Resident of The White House IS A Dick’

Mira Schor explains the relevance of her Frieze New York 2018 presentation, ‘Unseen Dick Paintings: 1988-91’

in Frieze | 19 APR 18
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In Spotlight at Frieze New York 2018, Lyles & King present four never before exhibited “Dick” paintings by Mira Schor from 1988-1991. In Dicks, or The Impregnation of the Universe (1988), Strange Fruit (1988), MA(me) MA (1991), and Pardon Me Ms. (1990), Schor approaches scale through structural multiplicity, addressing while undermining the great tradition of painting and dominant ideologies of patriarchy. The fragmented surface slows reading of the images, mounting an internal critique of the gendered character of scale, size, and imagery. In her five-decade career as a painter and theorist, Schor has been committed to painting as a space for expression of contemporary life and feminist politics.

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