in Collaborations , Videos | 17 SEP 18

Sound: Laurel Halo

For the sixth and final film in the Design Matters series with Bang & Olufsen, Berlin-based musician Laurel Halo talks about drawing inspiration from different musical lineages, reacting to the materiality of Berlin and using texture as a challenge

in Collaborations , Videos | 17 SEP 18
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All designers – whether they are producing everyday, practical tools or bespoke, high-end products – work with the same basic elements and needs. What do they need to communicate? What materials are they going to use? How is their design going to look, feel, and function? For a six-part film series in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen, Design Matters, frieze magazine visits leading practitioners in the fields of architecture, products, sound, fashion, and graphics, to discover how they think about the fundamental pillars of design.  Bang & Olufsen is a Danish audio company with a history of design innovation reaching back over 90 years.