in Frieze | 06 MAY 19

Watch: Andrew Benson, Gubble

Presented in the LIFEWTR Lounge at Frieze New York 2019, from the Series ‘Art through Technology’

in Frieze | 06 MAY 19
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Marking the launch of Series 7, ‘Art through Technology’, Frieze’s Official Water and Emerging Program Partner, LIFEWTR, presented work by three Series 7 artists at Frieze New York 2019 in the LIFEWTR lounge, including Andrew Benson’s Gubble. Andrew Benson is a visual artist, animator and creative technologist living in Los Angeles. Describing his work as ‘untamed’, Benson's pieces combine a classic painter's approach with digital art to produce animated pieces and custom-made software and electronic devices. A former teacher at San Francisco Art Institute, Benson's work has been shown internationally at screenings, festivals, museums and galleries both on and offline. Shifting between fine art and performances, Benson’s career includes numerous collaborations with musical acts through videos, software and live visuals, most recently for Matmos and Aphex Twin. LIFEWTR is a premium water brand committed to supporting and advancing the careers of emerging artists.