Issue 6
Autumn 2012

The 6th issue of frieze d/e has a special focus on painting.

Mark Prince considers Stella‘s concept of ‘working space’ by asking: ‘Is the space of painting made by abstraction, illusion or the sculptural qualities of the canvas?’ In a companion piece Prince interviews Stella and artist Monika Baer.

Susanne von Falkenhausen and frieze d/e editor Jennifer Allen contribute two extensive reviews.

Also featured in issue 6: Luca Cerizza tests the appropriation of mass media and popular culture in the works of Phil Collins; Thibaut de Ruyter takes a closer look at the photographs of Seiichi Furuya; and Quinn Latimer examines Latifa Echakhch‘s strategies to turn everyday objects into abstractions through destruction and displacement.

From this issue

Fondation Beyeler & Schirn Kunsthalle & Liebieghaus

BY Dominikus Müller | 20 AUG 12

Is the space of painting made by abstraction, illusion or the sculptural qualities of the canvas?

18 AUG 12

Galerie Melike Bilir

BY Wes Hill | 18 AUG 12

On the occasion of his retrospective at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Frank Stella talks about illusionism, abstract expressionism and the inevitable mechanics of gesture in painting

17 AUG 12

Kerstin Engholm Galerie

BY Maximilian Geymüller | 17 AUG 12

Monika Baer talks about her approach to painting’s surfaces, which teeter between anti-illusionism and illusionism, tactile and optical qualities, real holes and key holes

16 AUG 12

Phil Collins embraces mass media and popular culture, only to unsettle the stereotypes they produce

BY Luca Cerizza | 15 AUG 12

Seiichi Furuya captured a person and a country destined to disappear. While reorganizing his archive, the photographer discovered a new set of timeless subjects

BY Thibaut de Ruyter | 14 AUG 12

Musée D’art Moderne et Contemporain

BY Samuel Gross | 14 AUG 12

Latifa Echakhch uses destruction and displacement to turn everyday objects into abstractions

BY Quinn Latimer | 13 AUG 12

Figge von Rosen Galerie

BY Noemi Smolik | 13 AUG 12

On Abstraction and Destruction

BY Jennifer Allen | 09 AUG 12

Galerie Gregor Staiger

BY Gabrielle Schaad | 09 AUG 12

Is the art world too exclusive?

BY Jan Verwoert | 08 AUG 12

Haus der Kulturen Welt

BY Andreas Schlaegel | 08 AUG 12

Jörg Heiser speaks with Eduard Pomeranz about exhibiting his collection at Vienna’s Jewish Museum

07 AUG 12

The future of Zurich’s Löwenbrau Complex – with its mix of public institutions and commercial galleries – is finally secure after two years of redevelopment at the site

BY Max Glauner | 06 AUG 12

Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst

BY Cynthia Krell | 06 AUG 12

The rise of a queer hip hop genre: New Orleans Sissy Bounce

BY Jan Kedves | 05 AUG 12

Galerie Meyer Kainer

BY Daniel Horn | 04 AUG 12

Philip Scheffner’s work stands for a new wave of German political documentary. His latest film Revision restores the history of two refugees who died under mysterious circimstances

BY Bert Rebhandl | 03 AUG 12

Langen Foundation

BY Kito Nedo | 03 AUG 12

In the face of extinction and genetic manipulation, is it time to change the way we classify living organisms?

BY Tue Greenfort | 02 AUG 12

Work, Paint, Ask Questions

BY Dominikus Müller | 02 AUG 12

Eavesdropping, Sticking and Falling Down

BY Raphael Gygax | 02 AUG 12

Military strategies, insults and Arts & Crafts

BY Pablo Larios | 02 AUG 12

documenta 13 – Review

BY Jennifer Allen | 01 AUG 12

Judith Hopf chooses a single object of special significance

BY Judith Hopf | 31 JUL 12

Anselm Reyle on his collaboration with Franz West on their exhibition Stolen Fantasy which took place last spring at the Schinkel Pavillon
in Berlin

BY Jennifer Allen | 31 JUL 12