Issue 188
June - August 2017

Features include a short story by Joanna Ruocco inspired by the work of Anicka Yi; an interview with Irma Blank about her 50-year career; monographs on Tori Wrånes and Andy Holden; and a think piece by Susanne von Falkenhausen on the crisis of legitimation in art. Plus 38 exhibition reviews from around the world.

From this issue

On the socially committed architecture of Diébédo Francis Kéré, winner of this year’s Serpentine Pavilion commission

BY Jack Self | 22 JUN 17

Art sees itself as facing a crisis of legitimation – can this account for claims to 'authenticity' being made in shows such as documenta 14?

BY Susanne von Falkenhausen | 07 JUN 17

What are the implications of documenta 14’s focus on the aural?

BY Sam Thorne | 07 JUN 17

Artist and singer Tori Wrånes articulates the weird interior of the self

BY Anne Hilde Neset | 01 JUN 17

Anicka Yi's work fuses biology with technology, finding new ways to talk about gender, race and economics. With an introduction to the work by Dan Fox and a short story by Joanna Ruocco

BY Joanna Ruocco AND Dan Fox | 01 JUN 17

X-ray records in the Soviet Union

BY Harry Thorne | 01 JUN 17

In the face of China’s urbanization and widespread environmental degradation, the enduring influence of the country’s classical landscape tradition on its art

BY En Liang Khong | 01 JUN 17

Bárbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca’s films probe economics, race and gender in Brazilian popular music

BY Evan Moffitt | 01 JUN 17

A digital portrait of the landscape that transformed our planet

BY Ben Eastham | 01 JUN 17

Q: What do you like the look of? A: Pears

BY Kasper König | 01 JUN 17

Guilt, humour and dislocation in Andy Holden's cartoon universe

BY Darian Leader | 01 JUN 17

Enchantment and contradiction in the first Antarctic Biennale

BY Dehlia Hannah | 01 JUN 17

Irma Blank – who has been creating her 'writings' for over 50 years – talks about her relationship to word and image

BY Barbara Casavecchia | 01 JUN 17

This year’s Sundance Film Festival featured more movies directed by women than ever before, but gender discrimination in the industry is still endemic

BY Michelle Orange | 01 JUN 17

A defence of naivety in the age of information

BY Harry Thorne | 01 JUN 17

A new play by Wallace Shawn examines what it means to survive in today’s society

BY Lynne Tillman | 01 JUN 17

The artist discusses the movies that have influenced her and her memories of where she saw them

BY Jennifer West | 01 JUN 17

As museums around the world seek to make their collections and displays more inclusive of non-Western art, how are German institutions responding?

BY Ana Teixeira Pinto | 01 JUN 17

In his latest film, Adam Curtis holds artists and curators partly responsible for the current state of the world – and he’s not alone

BY Jörg Heiser | 01 JUN 17

A swathe of exhibitions and a new English translation of La Monnaie vivante, Pierre Klossowski’s erotic theory of economics

BY Paul Clinton | 31 MAY 17

Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Dusseldorf, Germany

BY Giulio Vacchiano | 29 MAY 17

Rossi & Rossi, Hong Kong

BY Cristina Sanchez-Kozyreva | 26 MAY 17

Various venues, Sydney, Australia

BY Sophie Knezic | 26 MAY 17

Bergamin & Gomide, São Paulo, Brazil

BY Ricardo Sardenberg | 26 MAY 17

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, UK

BY Tom Emery | 26 MAY 17

W139, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

BY Jonathan P. Watts | 26 MAY 17

White Space, Beijing, China

BY Yuan Fuca | 26 MAY 17

Holy Motors, Hong Kong

BY Ingrid Chu | 26 MAY 17

Air de Paris, France 

BY Tom Jeffreys | 26 MAY 17

Various venues, Berlin, Germany

BY Ana Teixeira Pinto | 25 MAY 17

Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, USA

BY Evan Moffitt | 22 MAY 17

Downs & Ross, New York, USA

BY Amy Zion | 20 MAY 17

Massimo De Carlo, Milan, Italy

BY Francesca Tarocco | 18 MAY 17

Clages, Cologne, Germany

BY Harry Thorne | 16 MAY 17

Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, USA

BY Travis Diehl | 11 MAY 17

Galerie Tobias Naehring, Leipzig

BY Kito Nedo | 10 MAY 17

Camden Arts Centre, London, UK

BY Isobel Harbison | 08 MAY 17

The Met Breuer, New York, USA

BY Ara H. Merjian | 06 MAY 17

Supportico Lopez, Berlin, Germany

BY Pablo Larios | 05 MAY 17

Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva

BY Barbara Casavecchia | 04 MAY 17

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, Spain

BY James Attlee | 03 MAY 17

Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto, Canada

BY Jill Glessing | 02 MAY 17

Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Germany

BY Daniel Berndt | 27 APR 17

Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin, Ireland & Dorich House Museum, Kingston upon Thames, UK

BY Matthew McLean | 27 APR 17

Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zurich, Switzerland

BY Aoife Rosenmeyer | 26 APR 17

Aike Dellarco, Shanghai, China

BY Maya Kramer | 25 APR 17

Simon Preston Gallery, New York, USA

BY David Everitt Howe | 24 APR 17

Metro Pictures, New York, USA

BY Eric Sutphin | 22 APR 17

Mendes Wood DM, Brussels, Belgium

21 APR 17

Collezione Maramotti, Reggio Emilia, Italy

BY Evan Moffitt | 20 APR 17

Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

BY Ian Bourland | 20 APR 17

Galerie Emanuel Layr, Vienna, Austria

BY Max Henry | 19 APR 17

Hauser & Wirth, Los Angeles, USA

BY Jonathan Griffin | 18 APR 17

Cabinet, London, UK

BY Paul Clinton | 13 APR 17

Frith Street Gallery, London, UK

BY Colin Perry | 12 APR 17

Kevin Kavanagh, Dublin

BY Gemma Tipton | 10 APR 17

White Cube, London

BY Paul Carey-Kent | 03 APR 17