BY Donna Huddleston in Fan Letter | 04 FEB 19
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Issue 200

Donna Huddleston on ‘Wild Wild Country’

A visual homage to the Netflix documentary

BY Donna Huddleston in Fan Letter | 04 FEB 19

Donna Huddleston, Wild Wild Country, 2018, specially commissioned for frieze’s 200th issue. Courtesy: the artist

This homage to the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country (2018) combines an original drawing with a still from the astounding scene in which the Rajneeshees arm themselves – for their own protection?

Donna Huddleston is an artist based in London, UK. Her work is included in ‘Out of This World’ from 5 February until 2 March at Stephen Friedman Gallery, London. In May, she will have solo presentation at Charles Asprey – Tyers St, London, and, in November, a solo show at The Drawing Room, London.