Issue 154
April 2013

Matthieu Laurette and Seth Siegelaub discuss the legacy of Conceptual art, the origins of curating and how art history is made; seven artists and artist groups reflect on their relationships to curators and curatorial discourse, while Daniel Buren reassesses his 1972 statement ‘Exhibiting Exhibitions’.

Also featuring: Kirsty Bell investigates the hermetic, inventive world of Thomas Scheibitz and a City Report from Oslo by Jason Farago and Milena Hoegsberg.

From this issue

Artist Matthieu Laurette, critic Vivian Sky Rehberg and the prolific curator, collector and dealer Seth Siegelaub, who died in 2013 aged 71, discuss the legacy of Conceptual art, the origins of curating and how art history is made

BY Vivian Sky Rehberg | 13 APR 13

Europe’s fastest-growing city is home to a supportive community of artists, curators and writers. From independent spaces in the Grønland neighbourhood and the influential Academy of Fine Art to OCA’s uncertain future and Renzo Piano’s divisive Astrup Fearnley Museet, Jason Farago and Milena Hoegsberg report from the Norwegian capital

BY Milena Hoegsberg AND Jason Farago | 13 APR 13

The hermetic, inventive world of Thomas Scheibitz

BY Kirsty Bell | 13 APR 13

Filmmaking as a ‘series of introductions’

13 APR 13

The Japanese artist discusses photography and the viewer as an intermediary

BY Andrew Maerkle | 13 APR 13

How artists and curators have responded to upheaval in the Arab world, from 1967 to the present day

BY Kaelen Wilson-Goldie | 13 APR 13

Keith Coventry’s fusion of cultural commentary and Modernist art

BY Michael Bracewell | 13 APR 13

Cultural anthropology via impersonation, pageantry and apprenticeship

BY Carmen Winant | 13 APR 13

Dan Fox invited eight artists and artist groups to reflect on their relationships to curators and curatorial discourse

BY Dan Fox | 13 APR 13

Carl Freedman Gallery, London, UK

BY Amy Sherlock | 13 APR 13

The pulp paintings of Vicente B. Ballestar

BY Sarah Khan | 12 APR 13

Q. What should change? A. Deregulated global financial systems, obviously. Nothing else would have quite the same impact on the prospects of so many people.

BY Gerard Byrne | 11 APR 13

How do you define jargon?

BY Sam Thorne | 14 MAR 13

At least five current TV shows include the word ‘girl’ in their title. What’s going on?

BY Timotheus Vermeulen | 14 MAR 13

The collected writings of Richard Bartholomew, one of India’s pre-eminent art critics

BY Shanay Jhaveri | 14 MAR 13

The mutating activities of DIS

BY Kevin McGarry | 14 MAR 13

In a new occasional column, frieze asks a respondent to nominate the objects, people or ideas that have influenced them

BY Alice Rawsthorn | 14 MAR 13

Tate Modern and African art

BY Lara Pawson | 14 MAR 13

Remembering Antony Balch, filmmaker and distributor extraordinaire

BY William Fowler | 14 MAR 13

Richard Meyer’s new publication: What Was Contemporary Art?

BY Robert Barry | 14 MAR 13

Withholding, covering up and glimpsing the secret world of objects

BY Rahma Khazam | 13 MAR 13