Issue 64
Jan - Feb 2002

From this issue

Kunsthalle, Basel, Switzerland

BY Ralf Christofori |

Kunstverein, Hamburg, Germany

BY Anke Kempkes |

Galerie Francesca Pia, Bern, Switzerland

BY Mai-Thu Perret |

Palazzo Grassi, Venice, Italy

BY Jan Verwoert |

Paula Cooper Gallery, New York, USA

BY James Trainor |

Arnolfini, Bristol, UK

BY Alex Farquharson |

The Jewish Museum, New York, USA

BY Michael Wilson |

Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

BY Sophie Berrebi |

greengrassi, London, UK

BY Polly Staple |

Essor Gallery, London, UK

BY Tom Morton |

low, Los Angeles, USA

BY Bruce Hainley |

Ghent, Belgium

BY Dominic Eichler |

Various Venues, Dundee and Aberdeen, Scotland

BY Neil Mulholland |

Anne de Villepoix, Paris, France

BY Laurie Attias |

Bar Risa and Chisenhale Gallery, London, UK

BY Dan Fox |

The Wexner Center, Columbus, USA

BY Charles LaBelle |

Katharina Wulff

Piecing together the B. S. Johnson story

The Hermetic Radio Hour

BY Michelle Grabner |

TV's enthusiasm for online discussion

BY Keith Stuart |

An interview with Yoko Ono

BY Michael Bracewell |

Olaf Nicolai

I won't dance to Pump Up the Volume

Glamour Shots

BY Emily Bick |

After 9/11, watching Wes Anderson’s screwball comedy is a complicated experience

BY Steven Stern |

Cutting through the history of Helvetica

BY Paul Barnes |

Cope's Tobacco Plant

BY Tom Morton |

Gillian Carnegie

BY Polly Staple |

Unlikely decoration for former military common room