Museum Ludwig

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A look at Germany’s exhibition landscape shows the importance of identifying blind spots

BY Mahret Ifeoma Kupka | 30 SEP 20

The artist takes us through her multi-faceted practice, now on view in her retrospective at Museum Ludwig, Cologne 

BY Övül Ö. Durmuşoğlu | 23 APR 19

With Art Cologne opening its doors, a selection of exhibitions around town

BY Moritz Scheper | 11 APR 19

Ahead of the 52nd edition of Art Cologne, your guide to the best shows to see in the city

BY Harry Thorne | 17 APR 18

Reena Spaulings, ‘bad painting’ and the institutionalization of Institutional Critique

BY Hans-Jürgen Hafner | 18 OCT 17

Revered theatre director John Vaccaro passes away; Marina Abramović responds to accusations of racism

18 AUG 16

Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany

BY Catrin Lorch (translation by John William Gabriel | 06 JUN 03