Issue 103
Nov - Dec 2006

In issue 103 of frieze Maria Lassnig talks to Jörg Heiser about nearly 70 years of painting difficult and complex pictures that attempt to visualize the invisible aspects of her bodily sensations.

Dominic Eichler considers the work of Peter Piller, whose archive of found photographs reveals curious gems of unintended meaning.

Also, Jan Verwoert reflects on Jutta Koethers omnivorous practice, in which painting, writing and music exert influence over each other, and Dan Fox conducts an imaginary interview with dead novelist B.S. Johnson on truth, fiction and representation in the films and photographs of artist Gerard Byrne. Bert Rebhandl absorbs himself in the compelling films of director Apichatpong Weerasethakul, which delve into the realms of folklore and the supernatural, and Peter Eleey looks at the art of Helen Mirra, whose work in sound, film, photography, text and sculpture is rich in allusions. 

From this issue

Histories of Modernism, photography and the occult

In an ongoing series, frieze asks an artist to list the movies that have influenced their practice.

Zurich’s legendary Dada venue, Cabaret Voltaire, now includes a shop selling ‘Fair Trade’ T-shirts

Have visual rants been turned into jingles?

BY Robert Storr |

Designers Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa have curated an exhibition that celebrates the idea of the ‘Super Normal’

BY Emily King |

Why do so many galleries and museums describe art in language that sucks the life out of it?

BY Jennifer Higgie |

Three recent publications reveal detritus and decay as improbable obsessions in Western culture

Pawel Althamer lives and works in Warsaw. In 2004 he was awarded with the Vincent Prize and his work was included in the Carnegie International with Real Time Movie, a performance with Peter Fonda. He recently participated in the 4th Berlin Biennale with the project Fairy Tale, which followed the story of Besir Olcay, a Kurdish immigrant to Berlin. His exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, entitled ‘At the Centre Pompidou’ is on until 27 November, 2006.

Maria Lassnig in conversation with frieze co-editor Jörg Heiser

BY Jörg Heiser |

Over the past decade Peter Piller has compiled hundreds of groups of images – from unspectacular newspaper photographs to old postcards and abandoned archives

An interview with a dead novelist about truth, fiction and representation in the films and photographs of Irish artist Gerard Byrne

Privet hedges, capitalist rashes, toilets and feminist graffiti

Helen Mirra’s works in sound, fabric, film, photography, text and sculpture are rich with allusions and overlaps across a range of subjects

Phrygian bonnets and dunces’ caps; dice, cards and concrete

Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s compelling films have often delved into the realms of popular folklore and the supernatural. His latest project, Syndromes and a Century, is no exception

BY Bert Rebhand |

Since the early 1980s Jutta Koether has been active as a painter, writer and musician, her work in each discipline exerting its influence over the others

Fog machines, scent dispensers and origami; sci-fi tower blocks and urban detritus

BY Emily Pethick |

Sound, paintings, and process; Alexander Graham Bell, kites and a grandmother’s attic

BY Michael Ned Holte |