Issue 150
October 2012

Jimmie Durham talks to Kirsty Bell about enthusiasm, itinerancy, cities, poetry and Cherokee mythology. Alongside the interview are published five previously unseen poems by Durham, excerpted from his upcoming book Poems that Do Not Go Together.

Also featuring: Robert Gober, Matthew Higgs, Paul Laffoley and David Maclagan to discussing how ‘Outsider Art’ is best understood; Christy Lange surveys the chaotic inventory of Roe Ethridge, who also presents a specially commissioned project in the form of an eight-page insert.

From this issue

On the occasion of a major retrospective at M HKA in Antwerp, Jimmie Durham talks to Kirsty Bell about enthusiasm, itinerancy, cities, poetry and Cherokee mythology

BY Kirsty Bell |

For more than four decades, Geta Brătescu has been a central figure in Romanian art. She writes about the images, travels and art works that have influenced her practice

Roe Ethridge’s work circulates in the worlds of fashion, commercial and art photography. Christy Lange considers his ‘chaotic inventory’.

BY Christy Lange |

In recent years, the work of self-taught artists has come to be contextualized within larger narratives of contemporary art. How is Outsider Art best understood and what does this definition mean when ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ become blurred? How does it relate to fraught issues of education and exclusion, originality and exploitation? Jonathan Griffin invited Robert Gober, Matthew Higgs, Paul Laffoley and David Maclagan to discuss these questions

BY Jonathan Griffin |

Remembering Chris Marker

BY Jeremy Millar |

The New York-based artist talks about character, the West Coast, process and slime

BY Graham T. Beck |

Post-colonial Angola; photography as both ‘pliable fiction’ and ‘weapon of intervention and denunciation’

Coco Chanel and the Duke of Westminster

BY Jennifer Higgie |

What constitutes ‘real work’ in the cultural sphere?

BY Tom Morton |

Interventions in Bucharest's history of state bureaucracy and brutalist architecture

BY H.G. Masters |

Polystyrene and post-minimalism; industrial processes and the ‘skin’ of amorphous forms

BY Kathy Noble |

Looking back at John Berger’s G. and Ways of Seeing, published 40 years ago

BY Jennifer Allen |

The life and work of the late, great experimental writer, Christine Brooke-Rose

BY Natalie Ferris |

The display of museum collections: a modest proposal

BY George Pendle |

Artistic responses to the question of Palestine

BY Kaelen Wilson-Goldie |

Thomas Lommée’s inclusive approach to modular design

BY Emily King |

For 35 years, Ericka Beckman has been making films which combine choreographed set pieces and ‘designed camera movements’ that anticipate the work of a new generation of artists

In an ongoing series, frieze asks artists and filmmakers to list the films that have influenced them

BY Clemens von Wedemeyer |

The self-proclaimed ‘purveyors of sinister whimsy to the wretched’ are admirable, not only for a staggering level of productivity, but for being so reliably unpredictable

BY Bob Nickas |

Annette Leddy explores how the late Fluxus member Robert Watts sought to bring the universe into the home

BY Annette Leddy |

Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

BY Mitch Speed |

Exhibiting comics: the graphic novels of Daniel Clowes and his contemporaries

Conflicts in high-definition

BY Christina Zück |

Dear Mr Jankel...

BY Ned Beauman |