Issue 53
Jun - Aug 2000

From this issue

Defying gravity – a classic slapstick pratfall

Hayward Gallery, London, UK

BY Jeremy Millar |

Fotogalleriet, Oslo, Norway.

BY Ina Blom |

Kunsthaus, Zurich, Switzerland.

BY Hans Rudolf Reust |

Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK

BY Izi Glover |

The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, USA

BY Kristin M. Jones |

Royal Academy of Art, London, UK

BY Alex Farquharson |

Kunstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria

BY Markus Wailand |

Asprey Jacques, London, UK

BY Mark Godfrey |

Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York, USA

BY David Hunt |

PS1, New York, USA

BY Gregory Williams |

Georges Perec and the Oulipians

BY Matthew Gidley |

A tale of textile wars

BY Tom Holert |

Elmgreen and Dragset

A new use for old power tools

McSweeny's - reading the smallprint

BY Saul Anton |

Jonathan Jones on Mike Nelson

Jean-Siméon Chardin

BY Jennifer Higgie |

In memory of the late Sturtevant we present this archive piece by Bruce Hainley on her long and influential career

Focusing on novelty cameras

Wilson 'Snowflake' Bentley

Paul Pfeiffer

BY David Hunt |