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The Comedy Central series injects a dose of mania and sloth into the ‘multicultural sitcom’

BY Ken Chen |

From ‘Spaceballs’ to ‘The Orville’, the reason why so many interstellar sitcoms fail to raise a smile

BY Tom Morton |

The comedian’s aggressions are meant to produce pleasure, but often result in arguments and criticism

BY Lynne Tillman |

A new wave of stand-up specials, sketch shows and comedy-dramas are dismantling Hollywood’s white monolith, one gag at a time

BY Candice Frederick |

US comedian Tim Robinson is changing comedy – a few minutes at a time

BY Olivia Rodrigues |

For all the camp and capering, Eddie and Patsy’s antics also have a plaintive, even existential tinge

BY Matthew McLean |

Is 2018 the year that we abandon an outdated form of stand-up comedy?

BY Olivia Rodrigues |

Two comedies from the recent Toronto International Film Festival highlight the relationship change between TV and cinema

BY Bert Rebhandl |

Dave Chappelle's comedy of discomfort 

BY Lynne Tillman |

Fact checking Trump and New York gallery roster demographics: what to read this weekend

What can this term teach us about absurdity in life and art?

BY Daniel Baumann |

The importance of satire in an era of Trump

BY Patrick Langley |

The books that have influenced the publishing collective

BY ATLAS Projectos |

Ben Wheatley’s new J.G. Ballard adaptation continues his exploration of genre, class, comedy and violence

BY Dan Fox |

The ‘laugh-out-loud’ appeal of Michael Portnoy’s theatre production, first staged at dOCUMENTA 13, Kassel

BY Dan Fox |

A short story

BY Bedwyr Williams |

Nine theses on slapstick

BY Brian Dillon |

Paying homage to Richard Pryor

BY Jim Lewis |