John Cage

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Sasha Frere-Jones pens a letter to Todd Haynes, the director of the new documentary, which charts the band’s illustrious career

BY Sasha Frere-Jones | 18 OCT 21

A new retrospective celebrates the artist’s ability to warp technology

BY Thomas McMullan | 18 OCT 19

‘I felt as though I’d walked in on what the future of art-making could be: a curation of time and space between us and the world in which we exist’

BY Rirkrit Tiravanija | 19 FEB 19

Looking back at the intimate musical language of Luc Ferrari (1929-2005), who employed cinematic methods in the service of quotidian storytelling

BY Nathan Geyer | 06 FEB 19

John Cage, Untitled, installation at the Biennale de Paris, 1985 

BY Kimsooja | 26 SEP 17

A major exhibition in London opening this weekend shows that at 87, Jasper Johns is as commanding an artist as ever

BY Edith Devaney | 21 SEP 17

A newly-released album gives overdue attention to the innovative, politicized music of the late Julius Eastman

BY Leo Chadburn | 20 SEP 16

How Indian classical music has influenced the visual arts

BY Shanay Jhaveri | 08 SEP 16

From Vladimir Nabokov's queerness to John Cage jamming with Sun Ra: what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton | 12 AUG 16

Q. What should change? A. Religious obsessions.

13 FEB 16

‘That one artist has applied such a diversity of materials (paper, cloth, plants, violin, electronics) to such a breadth of pursuits (music, dance, publishing, performance art) is remarkable.’

BY Matthew Erickson | 11 DEC 15

Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris, France

BY Robert Barry | 19 AUG 15

Depending on your point of view, the composer, writer and conductor is either a purveyor of cold-hearted didacticism, or a creator of glittering musical worlds

BY Leo Chadburn | 01 JUN 15

Henry Flynt talks about half a century’s worth of wildly divergent activities

BY Ross Simonini | 21 MAR 14

Artist Gary Panter draws and discusses the books that have influenced him

BY Gary Panter | 24 MAY 13

The uniquely queer history of Matmos is a sprawling carnival with perverse interludes, bizarre objects and guest appearances

BY Charlie Fox | 12 MAR 13

One hundred years of John Cage

BY Rob Young | 01 MAY 12

However esoteric the aims of a big group, they can generate moments of real musical power 

BY Frances Morgan | 01 OCT 11

Charles Atlas talks to Stuart Comer about his creative development, the intertwining of social scenes and art, and his ideas for the future

BY Stuart Comer | 01 MAY 11

Imagination as a form of resistance in the work of Klaus Weber

BY Kirsty Bell | 01 OCT 10