Issue 126
October 2009

In the October issue of frieze, Benjamin Weissman presents an homage to, meditation on, conversation with and analysis of the 50-year career of John Baldessari.

Also, the artist Barbara Bloom responds to the work of Baldessari – her friend and former teacher.

Plus: Jennifer Bornstein, Tacita Dean, Lara Favaretto, Dan Fox on pretentiousness, the Polyphonic Voices of Georgia, Fritz Haeg, Tehching Hsieh, Michelangelo and Paulina Olowska.

Also featuring: novelist A.M. Homes‘ short story inspired by the work of British photographer Paul Graham.

From this issue

An homage to, meditation on, conversation with and analysis of the multi-faceted, 50-year career of John Baldessari

BY Benjamin Weissman | 01 OCT 09

John Baldessari by Barbara Bloom

BY Barbara Bloom | 01 OCT 09

Fascinated by accounts of seemingly mysterious perceptual experiences, the artist relates her findings and how they impacted her work

BY Jennifer Bornstein | 01 OCT 09

What do we mean when we call someone, or something, pretentious?

BY Dan Fox | 01 OCT 09

Employing media as diverse as a suspended caravan and a levitating donkey, Lara Favaretto unearths the romance and possibility buried in futility

BY Tom Morton | 01 OCT 09

Quiet afternoons and meditations on the malleability of time

BY Jennifer Higgie | 01 OCT 09

Cultural and subjective mobility; biography, fantasy, myth and rumour

BY Jonathan Griffin | 01 OCT 09

Abstractions of sound and image; the meeting of purity and distortion

BY Michael Wilson | 01 OCT 09

Over-determining the function of an art practice can limit its power to transform, illuminate or respond to a given situation

BY Fritz Haeg | 01 OCT 09

This year has seen a resurgence of interest in the remarkable performances of Tehching Hsieh, who has been making art for more than 35 years

BY Barry Schwabsky | 01 OCT 09

What is art for? For art is what

01 OCT 09

How do you write a catalogue essay for a show that hasn’t yet opened?

BY Jennifer Allen | 01 OCT 09

Domestic and social dynamics within the parentless homestead in the films of John Hughes

BY George Pendle | 01 OCT 09

At frieze we receive hundreds of emails every day from artists, galleries and public relations companies around the world

01 OCT 09

Bernard Szajner (LTM Recordings, 2009)

BY Mark Fisher | 01 OCT 09

Michelangelo’s first painting goes on show in New York

BY Robert Storr | 01 OCT 09

Shortlisted for this year's Man Booker Prize, author and artist Tom McCarthy list the books that have influenced him

BY Tom McCarthy | 01 OCT 09

Recent developments in humanoid robot technology

BY Karl Iagnemma | 01 OCT 09

How do we visualize the economic crisis?

BY Nina Power AND Michael Sayeau | 01 OCT 09

frieze asks artists and filmmakers to list the movies that have influenced their practise

BY Tacita Dean | 01 OCT 09

Sophie Richard (Ridinghouse, London, 2009)

BY Mark Godfrey | 01 OCT 09

Paul Smith (University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, 2009)

BY Jennifer Allen | 01 OCT 09

David Leatherbarrow (Princeton Architectural Press, 2009)

BY Morgan Falconer | 01 OCT 09

Susan Stenger (Forma Productions, 2009)

BY Frances Morgan | 01 OCT 09

Anchiskhati Choir (Soul Jazz Records/World Audio Foundation, 2009)

BY Sam Thorne | 01 OCT 09

Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany

BY Quinn Latimer | 01 OCT 09

Governors Island, New York, USA

BY George Pendle | 01 OCT 09

Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK

BY Isobel Harbison | 01 OCT 09

Kunstmuseet KUBE, Ålesund, Norway

BY Katie Kitamura | 01 OCT 09

Mitchell Algus Gallery, New York, USA

BY Kristin M. Jones | 01 OCT 09

Tate Britain, London, UK

BY Jonathan Griffin | 01 OCT 09

Galerie Almine Rech, Paris, France

BY Ara H. Merjian | 01 OCT 09

Barbican Art Gallery, London, UK

BY Stephen Beasley | 01 OCT 09

Sadie Coles HQ, London, UK

BY Sam Thorne | 01 OCT 09

MUMOK, Vienna, Austria

BY Helen Chang | 01 OCT 09

Musée d'art contemporain, Montreal, Canada

BY James D. Campbell | 01 OCT 09

LAXART, Los Angeles, USA

BY Andrew Berardini | 01 OCT 09

Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen, Germany

BY Catrin Lorch | 01 OCT 09

Galleria Continua, Beijing, China

BY Carol Yinghua Lu | 01 OCT 09

Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK

BY Dan Fox | 01 OCT 09

Cheim & Read, New York, USA

BY Katie Kitamura | 01 OCT 09

Foam Fotografiemuseum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

BY Douglas Heingartner | 01 OCT 09

Frith Street Gallery, London, UK

BY Kathy Noble | 01 OCT 09

Carl Freedman Gallery, London, UK

BY Colin Perry | 01 OCT 09

Team Gallery, New York, USA

BY Graham T. Beck | 01 OCT 09

Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, USA

BY Jason Foumberg | 01 OCT 09

Real Jardín Botánico, Madrid, Spain

BY Christy Lange | 01 OCT 09

Modern Art, London, UK

BY Conor Carville | 01 OCT 09

Lüttgenmeijer, Berlin, Germany

BY Mark Prince | 01 OCT 09

Cité nationale de l'histoire de l'immigration, Paris, France

BY Miriam Rosen | 01 OCT 09

SPACE, London, UK

BY Frances Morgan | 01 OCT 09

The myriad uses of art and artists

BY Dominic Eichler | 15 SEP 09