Issue 153
March 2013

Quinn Latimer looks at the late Sylvia Sleigh‘s extraordinary ‘history pictures’; doctor, artist, writer, editor and award-winning documentary filmmaker Brian O’Doherty looks back at six decades of avoiding being categorized and Mark Sadler interviews the French art historian Jean-François Chevrier about his new book on artistic hallucination, which stretches from William Blake to Sigmar Polke.

From this issue

Claire Bishop versus the Internet

BY Paul Teasdale | 20 MAR 13

A specially commissioned drawing for frieze

BY Sarnath Banerjee | 12 MAR 13

Trying to leave the art world

BY Dieter Roelstraete | 12 MAR 13

Boredom and death: two sides of the same coin?

BY Lynne Tillman | 12 MAR 13

The post-colonial essay

BY Sean O’Toole | 12 MAR 13

Painting as performance in recent exhibitions

BY Theo Altenberg | 12 MAR 13

Digital art in Cuba

BY Rachel Price | 12 MAR 13

'Presentism’ versus ‘future shock’

BY Orit Gat | 12 MAR 13

The uniquely queer history of Matmos is a sprawling carnival with perverse interludes, bizarre objects and guest appearances

BY Charlie Fox | 12 MAR 13

Sylvia Sleigh’s extraordinary ‘history pictures’

BY Quinn Latimer | 07 MAR 13

Artist, performer and choreographer Alexandra Bachzetsis on the things that have inspired her own work

BY Alexandra Bachzetsis | 07 MAR 13

Francesco del Cossa’s frescoes in the Hall of the Months

07 MAR 13

What makes a successful artist-run institution?

BY Alexander Provan | 07 MAR 13

The Los Angeles-based artist discusses his photographic process in which tableau and accident meet

BY Carmen Winant | 06 MAR 13

Online subcultures, elusive narratives and structural film

BY Nicole Yip | 06 MAR 13

Jonathan Griffin on Anthony Pearson

BY Jonathan Griffin | 06 MAR 13

Jean-François Chevrier talks to Mark Sadler about his new book on artistic hallucination

06 MAR 13

The historic layers of Beirut’s neighbourhoods; the fine line between collaboration and individual practice

06 MAR 13

Alternative studies of continental branding, subjectivity and our data-driven societies

06 MAR 13

Six decades of avoiding being categorized

BY Brian O’Doherty | 06 MAR 13

Q. What music are you listening to? A. The very best of Italian pop songs. I'm back from six months in Italy – ciao Italia!

BY Laure Prouvost | 05 MAR 13