Issue 153
March 2013

Quinn Latimer looks at the late Sylvia Sleigh‘s extraordinary ‘history pictures’; doctor, artist, writer, editor and award-winning documentary filmmaker Brian O’Doherty looks back at six decades of avoiding being categorized and Mark Sadler interviews the French art historian Jean-François Chevrier about his new book on artistic hallucination, which stretches from William Blake to Sigmar Polke.

From this issue

At Artists Space, the exhibition was ‘slick and hooky, and sometimes of questionable substance’

BY Jennifer Kabat | 30 MAR 13

Claire Bishop versus the Internet

BY Paul Teasdale | 20 MAR 13

A specially commissioned drawing for frieze

BY Sarnath Banerjee | 12 MAR 13

Trying to leave the art world

BY Dieter Roelstraete | 12 MAR 13

Boredom and death: two sides of the same coin?

BY Lynne Tillman | 12 MAR 13

The post-colonial essay

BY Sean O’Toole | 12 MAR 13

Painting as performance in recent exhibitions

BY Theo Altenberg | 12 MAR 13

Digital art in Cuba

BY Rachel Price | 12 MAR 13

'Presentism’ versus ‘future shock’

BY Orit Gat | 12 MAR 13

The uniquely queer history of Matmos is a sprawling carnival with perverse interludes, bizarre objects and guest appearances

BY Charlie Fox | 12 MAR 13

Sylvia Sleigh’s extraordinary ‘history pictures’

BY Quinn Latimer | 07 MAR 13

Artist, performer and choreographer Alexandra Bachzetsis on the things that have inspired her own work

BY Alexandra Bachzetsis | 07 MAR 13

Francesco del Cossa’s frescoes in the Hall of the Months

07 MAR 13

What makes a successful artist-run institution?

BY Alexander Provan | 07 MAR 13

The Los Angeles-based artist discusses his photographic process in which tableau and accident meet

BY Carmen Winant | 06 MAR 13

Online subcultures, elusive narratives and structural film

BY Nicole Yip | 06 MAR 13

Jonathan Griffin on Anthony Pearson

BY Jonathan Griffin | 06 MAR 13

Jean-François Chevrier talks to Mark Sadler about his new book on artistic hallucination

06 MAR 13

The historic layers of Beirut’s neighbourhoods; the fine line between collaboration and individual practice

06 MAR 13

Alternative studies of continental branding, subjectivity and our data-driven societies

06 MAR 13

Six decades of avoiding being categorized

BY Brian O’Doherty | 06 MAR 13

Q. What music are you listening to? A. The very best of Italian pop songs. I'm back from six months in Italy – ciao Italia!

BY Laure Prouvost | 05 MAR 13