Issue 164
Jun - Aug 2014

Tom Morton visits award-winning artist Omer Fast on the set of his first feature film—an adaptation of Tom McCarthy’s novel Remainder. Ellen Mara de Wachter looks at issues of narrative and reality in the work of the Paris-based artist, Eric Baudelaire. 

Also featuring: New York-based writer Andy Battaglia traces the life and myth of poet and mystic Lionel Ziprin, whose archive the sculptor Carol Bove now houses in her Brooklyn studio; the artist Liliane Lijn describes her cultural influences and creates a specially commissioned project for frieze.

From this issue

Petzel Gallery, New York, USA

BY Dan Fox |

Gagosian, New York, USA

BY Dan Fox |

Collaboration and conflict in the work of Eric Baudelaire

Praised by T.S. Eliot and best friends with Harry Smith, Lionel Ziprin was a mystic and poet whose archive is a source of fascination for many contemporary artists, especially Carol Bove, who now houses it in her New York studio

BY Andy Battaglia |

From conversations with friends including André Breton, William Burroughs and Caresse Crosby, to studying astronomy, physics and the Greek myths, Liliane Lijn discusses the evolution of her pictorial language

BY Liliane Lijn |

Guilty pleasures at home and far away

BY Amy Sherlock |

Theatrical textiles and characters in clay

BY Isobel Harbison |

Forgotten murals by the late artist and poet, Jean Cocteau

BY Jennifer Higgie |

Dominikus Müller discusses the role of words and objects in the work of Jason Dodge

BY Dominikus Müller |

Painting as sculpture as performance

BY Kasia Redzisz |

Films and sculptures about ambiguity and materiality

BY Omar Kholeif |

Approaching sincerity via poetry and art

BY Matthew Rana |

Q: What was the first poem you remember reading? A: Beowulf, at school. 

BY Sue Tompkins |

A selection of new, previously unpublished work by leading poets: John Ashbery, Charles Bernstein, Anselm Berrigan, Paul Chan, Marcella Durand, Alan Gilbert, Ann Lauterbach, Eileen Myles, Jake Pam Dick, Frances Richard, Lytle Shaw, Mónica de la Torre, Anne Waldman, Matvei Yankelevich and John Yau.

For this special section, we invited Jeremy Sigler to choose new work by poets from different generations and sensibilities, whose writing is influenced, in one way or another, by the visual arts. All live and work in the US; some write poetry full-time; many are critics, activists and educators; yet others are artists.

The role of poetry in the world of appearances

BY Quinn Latimer |

Despair, ceramics, manners …

Ukraine’s Maidan Protests and Manifesta

The consequences of Russia’s cultural policies

BY Valentin Diaconov |

‘Sarkari Shorts’ and the Films Division of India

BY Shanay Jhaveri |

Omer Fast’s film adaptation of Tom McCarthy’s book, Remainder

BY Tom Morton |

The difference between disciplines

BY Alice Rawsthorn |

The photographic archives of the Los Angeles Police Department

BY Erik Morse |

Three new publications by artists catalogue the minutiae of contemporary existence

BY Robert Barry |

Image and imagination in the films of Alain Resnais

BY Jonathon Sturgeon |

In pursuit of Erik Satie

BY Charlie Fox |

The artist and writer discusses the books that have influenced her

BY Katrina Palmer |