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From Shahmaran, Queen of Snakes, to Star Trek: First Contact: the London-based artist explains her favourite images

BY Jala Wahid | 09 AUG 16

A cancelled seminar, a misprinted newspaper, and Invasion Day graffiti: the Australian artist shares her selection of important images

BY Helen Johnson | 02 AUG 16

From Duchamp to Roald Dahl's The Witches, the London-based artist selects the images that have stuck with her

BY Rebecca Ackroyd | 21 JUL 16

Ahead of the 9th Liverpool Biennial, the Dubai-based trio share a selection of important images

A photographic series from Leidy Churchman: an homage to Bill Cunningham

BY Leidy Churchman | 27 JUN 16

Impromptu street sculptures and ice cream with Cy Twombly: the London-based artist shares a selection of important images

BY Nicholas Hatfull | 22 JUN 16

The New York-based artist writes about the images that have influenced her practice

BY Amie Siegel | 13 JUN 16

Roberto Rossellini, Ousmane Sembène and an inverted atlas

BY Bouchra Khalili | 06 JUN 16

Ahead of the 9th Berlin Biennale, the Beijing-based artist explains why she likes some of her favourite images

BY Guan Xiao | 31 MAY 16

The Iraq War, an opera singer and River Phoenix in Running on Empty: the Paris-based filmmaker shares his selection of significant images

BY Benjamin Crotty | 16 MAY 16

The British artist presents a selection of important images, from a Moebius comic to a Stanley Spencer mural

BY Benjamin Senior | 26 APR 16

A Sichuan steel factory and a mineral collection in London: the Beijing-based artist shares a series of important images

BY Guo Hongwei | 18 APR 16

A Twitter academic, a science fiction writer and a Wells Fargo debit card: Martine Syms shares some images that are important to her

BY Martine Syms | 11 APR 16

Ahead of her exhibition 'Painter's Table', the Glasgow-based artist shares a collection of influential images

BY Tessa Lynch | 05 APR 16

Deborah de Robertis, a self-portrait and a cactus: the Chinese artist shares five images that are important to him

BY Chen Fei | 31 MAR 16

The Swiss artist shares a series of images that are important to her

BY Charlotte Herzig | 21 MAR 16

For this regular series, the Cologne-based artist presents a series of images that are important to her

BY Melike Kara | 15 MAR 16

From Bugs Bunny to Peter Pan: the New York-based poet and artist shares a Portfolio of influential images

BY Bunny Rogers | 09 MAR 16

From a Tibetan Bitcoin farm to Pieter Bruegel the elder: a selection of images important to the London-based artist 

BY Yuri Pattison | 03 MAR 16

James Carr, Oskar Kokoschka and a goat: Jimmy Merris shares a series of images that are important to him

BY Jimmy Merris | 22 FEB 16