Issue 173
September 2015

The September issue of frieze is out now, with features on Math Bass, Lara Favaretto, Ahmet Öğüt and Koki Tanaka, plus columns and reviews from around the world, including a questionnaire from acclaimed Italian novelist Elena Ferrante.

Also featuring: Isabel Stevens surveys 25 years of freewheeling cinema from New York’s Jem Cohen; Dan Kidner unpacks the evolution of the artist’s feature film; Jan Verwoert explores mimetism, art and alchemy; and Barbara Casavecchia probes the nuances of death and disappearance in the sculpture of Lara Favaretto.

From this issue

Visualizing the Snowden archive

BY Christy Lange | 01 SEP 15

The evolution of the ‘artist’s feature film'

BY Dan Kidner | 21 AUG 15

Painting, nudes and chatrooms

BY Matthew McLean | 21 AUG 15

Cooperation and dissent in Koki Tanaka’s precarious tasks

BY Andrew Maerkle | 21 AUG 15

On mimesis, art and alchemy

BY Jan Verwoert | 21 AUG 15

25 years of Jem Cohen’s free-wheeling cinema

BY Isabel Stevens | 21 AUG 15

Sam Thorne discusses activism, collaboration and the uses of absurdity with Ahmet Öğüt

BY Sam Thorne | 21 AUG 15

In his centenary year, two retrospectives celebrate the German architect Paul Schneider-Esleben

BY Markus Weisbeck | 21 AUG 15

The glorification of the pontiffs of Palo Alto

BY Lynne Tillman | 21 AUG 15

Is technology geographically neutral?

BY Sean O'Toole | 21 AUG 15

Lara Favaretto: exploring the nuances of death and disappearance

BY Barbara Casavecchia | 20 AUG 15

Puns, pictograms and props in the work of Math Bass

BY Dan Fox | 20 AUG 15

Q: What should stay the same? A: The desire to tell stories

BY Elena Ferrante | 20 AUG 15

Los Angeles's newest museum: The Broad

BY Travis Diehl | 19 AUG 15

Restored to dazzling 4K resolution by Martin Scorsese’s The Film Foundation, in The Tales of Hoffmann, art and imagination are the foundation of the world

BY Tom Newth | 19 AUG 15

How the ancient Italian city of Matera won the bid to be 2019 European Capital of Culture without focusing on its heritage

BY Vincenzo Latronico | 19 AUG 15

UK art institutions and self-censorship

19 AUG 15

The twin energies of ambition and anxiety seem to govern relations between the art and literary worlds

BY Nathaniel Budzinski | 19 AUG 15

Sadie Coles HQ, Josh Lilley, Kate MacGarry & Wilkinson, London, UK

BY Martin Herbert | 19 AUG 15

Various venues, Madrid, Spain

BY Laurie Taylor | 19 AUG 15

Various venues, Havana, Cuba

BY Hannah Conroy | 19 AUG 15

Abrons Art Center & Bruce High Quality Foundation University Gallery, New York, USA

BY Jennifer Kabat | 19 AUG 15

At Real Fine Arts, New York, USA, the artist’s obsessively collected detritus was presented as a single, multi-part sculpture

BY Matthew Shen Goodman | 19 AUG 15

Murray Guy, New York, USA

BY Matthew McLean | 19 AUG 15

François Ghebaly Gallery / The Bikini Factory, Los Angeles, USA

BY Evan Moffitt | 19 AUG 15

CCA Wattis, San Francisco, USA

BY Isobel Harbison | 19 AUG 15

ICA, Philadelphia, USA

BY Devika Singh | 19 AUG 15

Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, USA

BY William J. Simmons | 19 AUG 15

Esker Foundation, Calgary, Canada

BY Maeve Hanna | 19 AUG 15

Lulu, Mexico City, Mexico

BY Daniel Garza-Usabiaga | 19 AUG 15

Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, Australia

BY Sophie Knezic | 19 AUG 15

In the artist's survey over a decade showing at Long March Space, Beijing, the viewer is asked to consider the work independently from his past

BY Kate Sutton | 19 AUG 15

Chinese Academy of Oil Painting, Beijing, China

BY Carol Yinghua Lu | 19 AUG 15

Raster, Warsaw, Poland

BY Krzysztof Kościuczuk | 19 AUG 15

Roberta, Frankfurt, Germany

BY Viktoria Draganova | 19 AUG 15

Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany

BY Noemi Smolik | 19 AUG 15

Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo, Norway

BY Brian Sholis | 19 AUG 15

Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zurich, Switzerland

BY Aoife Rosenmeyer | 19 AUG 15

Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland

BY Kirsty Bell | 19 AUG 15

Clearing, Brussels, Belgium

BY Mitch Speed | 19 AUG 15

M HKA, Antwerp, Belgium

19 AUG 15

Punta della Dogana, Venice, Italy

Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris, France

BY Robert Barry | 19 AUG 15

ProjecteSD, Barcelona, Spain

BY Max Andrews | 19 AUG 15

Museu do Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal

BY Elvia Wilk | 19 AUG 15

Nils Stærk / Mellemrummet & Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark

BY Lizzie Lloyd | 19 AUG 15

Various venues, Budapest, Hungary

BY Chris Fite-Wassilak | 19 AUG 15

MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK

BY Amy Sherlock | 19 AUG 15

Richard Saltoun, London, UK

BY Jonathan P. Watts | 19 AUG 15

The Sunday Painter, London, UK

BY Orit Gat | 19 AUG 15

Greengrassi, London, UK

BY Charlie Fox | 19 AUG 15

Harris Gallery, Preston, UK

19 AUG 15

Ikon, Birmingham, UK

BY Paul Carey-Kent | 19 AUG 15

Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK

BY Louisa Elderton | 18 AUG 15

Isle of Portland, Dorset, UK

BY Patrick Langley | 18 AUG 15

Manchester International Festival, UK

BY Amy Sherlock | 18 AUG 15