Issue 57
March 2001

What happened when Wittgenstein turned interior decorator in 1926 (apart from reducing the carpenter to tears)? Find out about Wittgenstein’s radiators and about Maureen Gallace, Saul Fletcher, Stefan Altenburger, Monica Bonvicini, the naughty Nike campaign, the sounds of sin, the Kaleidoscope family and cummerbunds for girls.

As for reviews, amongst others we have Lily van der Stokker in London, Slater Bradley in New York, Jeff Koons in Berlin, Media_City in Seoul, Gelatin in Vienna and David Robbins in Milwaukee. 

From this issue

The great philosopher provides clarity and precision to interior decoration

BY Joe Laniado |

Monica Bonvicini

BY Jörg Heiser |

Paris and Colette

BY Emily Bick |

The Center for Land Use Interpretation

BY Charles LaBelle |

The Sounds of Sin

BY Dan Fox |

Saul Anton Can't Put Houellebecq Down

BY Saul Anton |

How to Subvert the System

The artist’s 2000 exhibition at Kunst-Werke employed unpaid asylum seekers to sit in cardboard boxes for four hours a day

BY Stefan Heidenreich |

Stefan Altenburger

The latest clutch of designers' books

BY Emily King |

Is Nike losing its grip?

BY Andrew Gellatly |

Architectural collaborations

BY Rosetta Brooks |

The artist uses her new project, Kaleidoscope House, to rethink the environment of her practice

BY Matthew Ritchie |

The framing of Pollock

BY Charles LaBelle |

Julian Schnabel's quixotic exoticism

BY Alissa Quart |

Maureen Gallace

BY Bruce Hainley |