Issue 91
May 2005

Hans-Peter Feldmann talks to Kaspar Konig in the May issue of frieze and Dominic Eichler considers his work of over 40 years.

Tom Morton analyses the world of Philippe Perrots paintings in which vegetables, families and psycho-sexual behaviour jostle for position and Sally O'Reilly considers how Christina Mackies work echoes the process of scientific discovery.

This months City Report comes from Berlin and includes an essay by Joerg Heiser, a project by Mark Wallinger and responses to the newly opened Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe by Diedrich Diederichsen, Nairy Baghramian, Adrian Piper and Thomas Demand. Photographs by Hans Haacke. Also featured: Torsten Slama by Kirsty Bell, Joost Conijn by Max Andrews, Kate Davis by Sarah Lowndes and Rezi van Lankveld by Melissa Gronlund.

From this issue

Hans Peter Feldmann and Kaspar König in conversation

Mark Wallinger on the filming of Sleeper in the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin

BY Mark Wallinger |

Vegetables, families and psycho-sexual behaviour jostle for position in Philippe Perrot’s paintings

Blurry phantasms between abstraction and figuration

Dutch identity, driving across Europe in a plywood car, the charity of strangers

BY Max Andrews |

Unresolved mysteries; science fiction, comic books and stereotypes

Domestic strangeness and controlled violence; Sylvia Path and discredited femininity

BY Sarah Lowndes |

Sixteen years since the Wall came down, the German capital swings wildly between an astounding sense of freedom and amnesiac revisionism

Christina Mackie's practice echoes that of a scientist, mapping units from one system of understanding onto another

Hans-Peter Feldmann's work draws on an enormous personal archive of material he has spent decades gathering

Can we really suspend the power of judgement?

Tolerance is the basic prerequisite for a humane society. Have its goals become confused?

BY Roland Kapferer AND Ronald Jones |

New genealogies of Greek gods, superheroes and comic book villains

An Oscar-winning artist's guide to a fragmented Hollywood experience

BY Pierre Bismuth |

Remembering the life and work of one of the most influential and imaginative curators of the last century

BY Richard Serra |

Three new releases of philosophy-inspired music

Samuel Fosso's photographs were included in the recent 'Africa Remix' exhibition at London's Hayward Gallery. 'Platform for Art' is showing three works by Samuel Fosso at Gloucester Road Underground station, London until 13 June 2005.

Various venues, Canterbury and London, UK

Tim Edensor (Berg, Oxford, 2005)

Jason Wood (Faber and Faber, London, 2005)

BY Austin Collings |

Have Americans acquired the habit of forgetfulness so often condemned in Germans?

Deutsche Staatsoper, Berlin