Issue 90
April 2005

“Over recent decades artists seem to have become increasingly aware of the issue of circulation not only as a practical social and economic one, external to their actual work, but an aesthetic one, at the core of it.” Joerg Heiser on how artists explore the space between production and consumption in “Circulation”, the themed April issue of frieze.

Dan Fox visits Rirkrit Triavanija’s mid-career retrospective and discusses the artist’s emphasis on interpersonal activity over art production.

James Trainor visits Andrea Zittel’s A-Z West, her desert home and self-styled institute of investigative living.

Jan Verwoert examines the subtle twists introduced into daily life by the art of Roman Ondak.

This month’s City Report is from Moscow. Ekaterina Degot, Dan Fox and Jennifer Higgie reflect on the biggest exhibition of contemporary art ever to be held in Russia whilst Pavel Pepperstein gives his perspective on the history of the city’s many artists groups. Also featured: Shirana Shabazi by Kristin M. Jones, Matthew Brannon by Peter Eleey, Margaret Salmon by Tom Morton and Knut Henrick Henriksen by Kirsty Bell.

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BY Catherine Wood | 12 APR 05
BY Max Andrews | 12 APR 05
BY Catrin Lorch | 12 APR 05
BY Charles LaBelle | 12 APR 05
BY Peter Eleey | 12 APR 05
BY Amanda Coulson | 12 APR 05
BY Tom Morton | 12 APR 05
BY Sally O’Reilly | 12 APR 05
BY Nicholas Cullinan | 12 APR 05
BY Mick Peter | 12 APR 05
BY Ralf Christofori | 12 APR 05
BY Lisa Panting and Malin Ståhl | 12 APR 05
BY Charles LaBelle | 12 APR 05
BY Katie Stone | 12 APR 05
BY Ronald Jones | 12 APR 05
BY Pablo Lafuente | 12 APR 05
BY Andrew Hunt | 12 APR 05
BY Megan Ratner | 12 APR 05
BY Douglas Heingartner | 12 APR 05
BY Steven Stern | 12 APR 05

Rirkrit Tiravanija’s mid-career retrospective demonstrates how his work has emphasized interpersonal activity over art production

BY Dan Fox | 12 APR 05

Chronicles of the everyday; photographs, paintings, collectives and cultural identity

12 APR 05

Celluloid portraits; time, tears and suburbs; discord and repetition

12 APR 05

Geometric conundrums; architecture, sculpture and a ‘shy, friendly giant’

12 APR 05

False invitations, fictional films, alcoholism, tapestries and self-doubt

12 APR 05

Roman Ondák’s interventions into the patterns of daily routines are both existential and politically pointed

12 APR 05
City Report

Moscow recently held its first international Biennale, the biggest exhibition of contemporary art ever to be held in Russia

12 APR 05

Andrea Zittel’s projects include the best way to cook eggs, design clothes or build a ranch; an approach to art that evolves from the demands of everyday living

12 APR 05

Artists explore the space between production and consumption: who is addressed and how?

12 APR 05

Viral Marketing is aimed at a public jaded by traditional advertising - where will it end?

12 APR 05

Do artists need it? What does it really meant? Richard Wentworth and Michael Craig-Martin discuss

BY Richard Wentworth and Michael Craig-Martin | 12 APR 05

Jokes, wordplay and belief systems inform 40 years of experimental filmmaking

BY Malcolm Le Grice | 12 APR 05

In his new book Jacques Rancière discusses the democratization of vision

12 APR 05

Is the growing popularity of art fairs creating a culture of ‘spotting’ rather than ‘looking’?

12 APR 05

Four points

01 APR 05