Issue 58
April 2001

‘The first act of revolution: a bench has told me to sit down, so I’m not going to sit there, I’m going to sit where I bother people walking up the stairs’ Vito Acconci talks about sitting on steps in the April issue of frieze, which also features Rachel Feinstein, Ricky Swallow, Richard Wright, Udomsak Krisanamis, Stefano Ariente and Hairy Beary Men. ‘

Mexicans are bad and must die, WASP American girls have truly hit rock bottom when they’re being fucked by mandingos, and to make a good film simply copy the style of a great director’ Christian Haye reveals the three truisms of Traffic in the Front section, together with tropical psychedelia, PoMo Country and Western, smoky bacon ice-cream, the Ice Hotel, well-being magazines and more.

From this issue

The UK's forgotten acoustic defence system

BY George Pendle |

Dusting down some literary classics

BY James Eve |

Fashion in the museum

BY Ena Wojciechowski |

Chilling out at the Icehotel

BY Jörg Heiser |

The naked truth behind the current vogue for well-being

BY Emily King |

An interview with Vito Acconci

BY Andrew Gellatly |

Intricate sculptural ensembles, dioramas and miniaturized models in the work of Ricky Swallow

BY Daniel Palmer |

The life of Paul Bowles

BY Jerome Boyd-Maunsell |

Reading between the subtitles of the Oscar nominations

BY Christian Haye |

Paying homage to Richard Pryor

BY Jim Lewis |

The relief of reliefs: Richard Wright's wall paintings

BY Alex Farquharson |

Ford takes to the streets

BY Helen Jones |

Beatrice Collier Busts a Gut

BY Beatrice Collier |

Come to Daddy: Stefano Ariente

BY Jonathan Jones |

Making formal funny: Rachel Feinstein

BY Jennifer Higgie |

The revolutionary sounds of tropical psychedelia

BY Christian Ward |