Issue 81
March 2004

‘Kilimnik loves old New York, old television programmes (especially The Avengers and Bewitched) and 18th-century genre paintings. She loves eras – the 1960s, the 1890s and the 1780s. She loves Russia, Russian Ballet and the Russian Tea Room. She loves sparkly things such as snow and glitter and chandeliers; loves the shadows in empty drawing-rooms and the twilight haze in the forest.’ – Steven Stern is enchanted by the work of Karen Kilimnik in the March issue of frieze.

Tom Morton interviews Philippe Parreno about his recent exhibition at Kunstverein Munich, the ghosts in his work, collaboration and talking scores with Pierre Boulez.

Also featured: Alex Farquharson on Haluk Akakce, Dominic Eicher on Erik van Leishout, Olivia Plender on Johanna Billing, Dan Fox on Katy Dove and Kirsty Bell on the cunningly passive-aggressive work of Jeppe Hein. 

From this issue

Haluk Akakçe

03 MAR 04

An interview with Philippe Parreno

03 MAR 04

Dominic Eichler on Erik van Lieshou

03 MAR 04

An interview with Roger M. Buergel about his recent appointment as Artistic Director of Documenta 12

03 MAR 04

Madame Yevonde, pioneer of colour photography and chronicler of the original Queen Mary

BY Emily Bick | 03 MAR 04

Talking to Foreign Office Architects about branding, élitism and their concept of 'species'

03 MAR 04

Our continued fascination with the dandy

BY Emily King | 03 MAR 04

The rise of moblogging

BY Keith Stuart | 03 MAR 04

Science's debt to the late Douglas Adams

03 MAR 04

The American actor indulges in the pleasures of the text

01 MAR 04