Issue 99
May 2006

In May's art and architecture issue of frieze Jonathan Bell views the latest developments in museum buildings and Deyan Sudijc considers the way in which a number of celebrated architects from Rem Koolhaas to Herzog & de Meuron have worked with repressive regimes and what this says about the relationship between architectural innovation, ethics and ideology. Eyal Weizman examines how the tactics of the Israeli Defence Force have been heavily influenced by contemporary philosophy, highlighting the considerable overlap between military and architectural theory.

Mark Godfrey talks to Anthony McCall about his exploration of the phsysical and sculptural qualities of film, Jennifer Higgie explores the collaborative projects of Marjetica Potr and Dominic Eichler looks at Sean Snyders fascination with the often bizarre world of urban planning, architecture and news media. Mark Haworth-Booth recalls the work of Reyner Banham one of the last centurys most influential architecture and design critics while Tirdad Zolghadr and Tony Chakar report from Beirut, a city buzzing with ideologies, politics and art.Also featured Michael Rakowitz by Peter Eleey, Heidi Specker by Christy Lange, Pablo Bronstein by Jonathan Griffin and Edi Hila by Edi Muka.

From this issue

Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design, London, UK

Isa Genzken is an artist who lives and works in Berlin. Her work will be shown this summer in solo exhibitions at Secession, Vienna, and Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck.

Architectural doppelgängers are surprisingly commonplace; after his death Le Corbusier became the most ardently copied architect of the 20th century

BY Maria Berman |

‘New Orleans: Strategies for a City in a Soft Land’
National Arts Club, New York, USA

Ivrea is the former campus town of the renowned Italian typewriter company Olivetti and a fine example of successful Modernist design

BY Eugenia Bell |

Philosopher Peter Sloterdijk’s proposal for a ‘Pneumatic Parliament’ reflects the fragility of democracy

Goethe Institute, London, UK

Los Angeles architect Fritz Haeg’s ‘Salons’ create a sense of community for people from various disciplines who might otherwise never meet

Oscar Niemeyer and Emanuel Araujo’s new buildings in a São Paulo park

In these days of cultural complexity it’s important to ask ‘what is local’ and ‘what does it need’?

Questions of architectural vision versus the needs of the client can result in a complicated relationship

Mervyn Peake’s recently re-issued classic novel, Titus Groan is both less and more than a traditional Gothic tale

21st-century museum buildings are more than repositories of art; they also function as centres of urban activity and symbols of cultural regeneration

BY Jonathan Bell |

From Rem Koolhaas to Herzog & de Meuron, a number of today’s most famous architects accept commissions from repressive regimes. What does this say about the relationship between architectural innovation, ethics and ideology?

BY Deyan Sudjic |

Melding utopianism with utilitarianism, Marjetica Potrc’s projects and exhibitions prompt questions about the responsibilities of artists to the greater social realm

An import-export business, posters, shelters for the homeless and the smell of buns

Fifteen years after the end of the civil war Lebanon’s capital buzzes with a potent mix of ideologies, politics and art

A fantasy-league team of architects, columns, cupolas and a coffee bar

Reyner Banham was one of the last century’s most influential architecture and design critics

BY Mark Haworth-Booth |

Optical illusion, tree trunks, Brutalist architecture and Bangkok

An interview with Anthony McCall, an artist who, since his seminal 1973 film Line Describing a Cone, has explored the physical and sculptural qualities of film

Albanian homes, anonymous structures, shipwrecks and billiards

BY Edi Muka |

The Israeli Defence Forces have been heavily influenced by contemporary philosophy, highlighting the fact that there is considerable overlap among theoretical texts deemed essential by military academies and architectural schools

BY Eyal Weizman |

Sean Snyder’s videos and photographs explore the often bizarre world of urban planning, architecture and the news media

Various venues, Berlin, Germany

BY Jörg Heiser |