Issue 56
Jan - Feb 2001

Bored of your computer screen? Perhaps you need the January/February issue of frieze containing I Might Soon Take a Roadtrip, a cut-out project by Dave Muller, to satisfy your wistful armchair wanderlust.

Also in this issue Michael Bracewell hooks up with Tom Wolfe and Edward Allington writes on Modern Grottoes. There is a short story by Ben Marcus, as well as features on Simon Starling, de Rijke/de Rooij and Tony Feher plus the usual extensive reviews section.

From this issue

Scarecrow or scarepeople?

BY Clare Woods |

de Rijke/de Rooij

Christian Flamm

Peeling back the thin skin between man and machine

BY Jenny Liu |

Passive Role

Searching for a Sure Thing

Fiction in response to the work of Richard Tuttle

BY Ben Marcus |

The bitter fruits of the SLA

Michael Bracewell hooks up with the journalist, essayist and author Tom Wolfe

BY Michael Bracewell |